Vicki McLeod

Vicki is a professional photographer based in Mallorca. She loves to take photographs of people and events and their place and experiences within those events: telling the story of their day. She has shot weddings, communions, happenings, parties, celebrations, gatherings, concerts, and loves them all. She is a natural observer and looks for the humour and emotion in the simplest of scenes. She really enjoys giving people confidence in their own appearance by surprising them with how amazing they look through my camera lens.

Vicki’s reportage, portrait and live events photography has been published extensively in the national and international media. She is part of the creative collective and a proud member of the Aimee K Team.

Vicki also works as a copywriter and journalist. She is very interested in people,  our natural environment, science, philosophy, wellness, CrossFit and Yoga. She’s a proud parent and wife, and slave to five or six cats.

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